January 12, 2012

Gaston Gossip

A little something to take up the news slack.

Some installation activity is taking place at the VIPER Crowders #1 VFD site in Gaston County.

Don't have specific details, but would suspect it's microwave stuff.

Thanks to the person(s) who passed this along!


Anonymous said...

I heard that all of the equipment is in place and ready to go. I heard that Gastonia Radio Shop is having a hard time getting the microwave connected on the other end. What does Gastonia Radio Shop have to do with VIPER?

pboy said...

This Crowder VFD site is shared by NCSHP and Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

For Char\Meck it is part of the Gastonia County simulcast subsystem.

Don't know which of the two agencies involved is doing what at present.