January 11, 2013

Mitchell Makes Do

Mitchell County finds itself in the same fix as some other counties across the state.  New radios that can't be used because the current VIPER system is maxed out.

                    "New Radios, No Radio IDs From State"
                        (posted over at "RadioReference")

The news item mentions the state legislature expanding the number of available radio IDs.  NC lawmakers have to fund a newer technology P25 solution.

Once upgrading sites to P25 9600 starts, RID's of users that switch will be "harvested" and available again on the existing network (where Mitchell remains until its transition is completed).


Anonymous said...

I don't see that the legislature has any way to avoid funding the P25 transition. This system was built and lots of money spent by many agencies that can't use the system. For some reason I don't think the politicians understand the situation they have created. I can only imagine the amount of heat that must be coming their way from local/state agencies that can't get ID's.

pboy said...


It just adds more complication for the VIPER team.

I'm sure they're trying their hardest to get the job done in a timely manner.

Joe Ferguson said...

pboy, I originally posted this article to RR. I was researching myself to see if anything new had come of the P25 updates, as the Mitchell Journal seems to enjoy cliff hangers and not following up on stories they report about.

Based on the research I have gathered, radios are being programmed state-wide (at least VMN) for the P25 radio switch. This should be complete by the end of this quarter, or this month. Yay! Once the remainder of radios are programmed for P25, the techs will begin upgrading the radio equipment at tower sites, and it will be done by region.