February 26, 2013


EMS Performance Improvement Center's online guide for VIPER radio users.

February 25, 2013

Even More Reconfig

30 additional VIPER sites now have modified licensing to include reband frequencies.

Hard to document all this sudden activity!  The FCC search engine got a bit uncooperative also.

Fastest thing was to come up with this PDF that links back directly to the online database.  To check things out, the file number is the hyperlink.

CA Continues

10 more VIPER licenses have been granted cancellation.

Look under "Admin" on each license linked below.


Appears to be "house cleaning".  Frequencies involved were moved to different locations and licenses.

February 22, 2013

More Reconfig

NCSHP has applied for some more rebanded site frequencies.

These are filings for license modifications the FCC received 02/21/2013 with a current pending status.  Click on the "Frequencies" tab when in the link.

Update On Recent Post

All that new VIPER licensing mentioned in the February 08, 2013 post has been granted by the FCC.

A couple applications were kicked back, however.

Apparently the Fry Mtn. site in Swain County will have to turn down the wick.

FCC Notice OF Return stated: "The ERP requested exceeds the value allowed at Location #1 frequencies 866.350, 867.175, 867.850, 868.3875 and 868.9875. The HAAT is 619 m which limits the ERP to 200 watts under Rule 90.635."

Submitted with 300 watts for the Intellipeater output power.

The notice is found under Automated Letters on the application.

Baker Mtn. in Catawba County filing for an additional frequency was also returned. A minor typo reported concerning the frequency pair listing.

February 21, 2013

CA Request

License has been cancelled for the Warrior Mtn. site in Caldwell County.


Don't know if this a rebanding move, a change in system design or a budget cut.

Rebanding In The Works

The gears of reconfiguration are turning.

Rebanded frequencies are now being added to licenses pending final Sprint/Nextel agreement.  Check the latest batch of FCC applications dated 02/20/2013.  Click on the "Frequencies" tab when in the link.

Attached to the FCC paperwork of all these locations is this STA Statement:

"The subject modification is being filed pursuant to instructions received from Sprint as part of the rebanding process for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. The subject facilities will be included in the FRA amendment being negotiated between the two parties."

STA is special authorization VIPER has to keep getting to operate on existing frequencies until things get swapped out with Sprint.

February 20, 2013

Moore's Identity Crisis

VIPER's current shortage of system radio identifiers hampers Moore County's plans.

February 19, 2013

Rutherford Needs VIPER

Rutherford County newspaper editorial supports VIPER expansion.

February 16, 2013

Slow News Days

New site activation is at a standstill again.

Lot of licensing for added frequencies at sites for increased traffic capacity though.

February 08, 2013

New VIPER Licensing

Licensing information for the last series of western site activations is available.

Also found are some upcoming new sites as well as expansion channels for existing sites.

Thing is these are currently pending applications awaiting final approval.  Don't know how new locations got on the air already (or at least announced as such).