February 22, 2013

Update On Recent Post

All that new VIPER licensing mentioned in the February 08, 2013 post has been granted by the FCC.

A couple applications were kicked back, however.

Apparently the Fry Mtn. site in Swain County will have to turn down the wick.

FCC Notice OF Return stated: "The ERP requested exceeds the value allowed at Location #1 frequencies 866.350, 867.175, 867.850, 868.3875 and 868.9875. The HAAT is 619 m which limits the ERP to 200 watts under Rule 90.635."

Submitted with 300 watts for the Intellipeater output power.

The notice is found under Automated Letters on the application.

Baker Mtn. in Catawba County filing for an additional frequency was also returned. A minor typo reported concerning the frequency pair listing.

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