April 23, 2013

New Hanover Waits

Current shortage of VIPER radio ID's fortunately didn't hamper recent rescue attempt.

April 22, 2013

Passing Along

The public VIPER website lies dormant.  The last system information update was two and a half months ago.

Waiting for the 1st Quarter 2013 Newsletter to be released, too.

Lot of folks are interested in the project build-out, though.  Many of them are associated directly with VIPER in some way or the other.   They do pass along info and that is greatly appreciated!

Learned that mid January 2014 is the target for full transition to P25 9600 baud.

Radios being currently reprogrammed for the move have rebanded control channel frequencies added as well as other 700 MHz and mutual aid frequencies.

April 13, 2013

Frye Fill In

When Frye Mtn.in Swain County was announced activated two months ago, info was lacking.

Some control signal data logging was passed this way.

In Zone 4, SysID C92D, it is site # 46.  868.3875 control channel with callsign WQQT373.

Should tie up the loose ends.

Correction - Site 41, Zone 4

Data previously reported for Scaley Mtn. site in Macon County was incorrect.

Control Channels are 868.5000 Primary and 868.2750 Alternate.

Had listed as 868.9375 Primary.  Is a licensed frequency for this site, though.

Also, alias found to be SCALY.

April 05, 2013

Filling In Details

Posted the activation announcement of Scaley Mtn., a new Zone 4 (SysID C92D) site in Macon County a while back.

Didn't have many details at the time.  Do now.

It's site #41.  Control channel 868.9375.  Callsign WQQS300.

Also, the Mt. Noble site in nearby Swain County has site alias MTNOBL.

Thanks to BR for tracking it all down.

April 03, 2013

Reband Mods

Reconfigure frequencies added to yet more VIPER site licenses.