June 07, 2013

RadioReference Reference

RadioReference databasing the following VIPER west rebanded sites:

C123-01, Salisbury, Rowan County
C123-37, Sauratown Mtn., Stokes County
C123-40, Booth Mountain, Stokes County
C123-16, Waxhaw, Union County
C123-19, Monroe, Union County
C123-27, Wingate, Union County
C92D-24, Mt. Jefferson, Ashe County
C92D-34, Phoenix Mountain, Ashe County
C92D-40, Wauchecha Bald, Graham County
C92D-01, Bearwallow Mtn., Henderson County
C92D-38, Franklin Water Tower, Macon County
C92D-41, Scaley Mtn., Macon County
C92D-53, Pores Knob, Wilkes County


Gr8rcall (RadioReference) said...

The Reidsville site has rebanded too!
C123 Site #18!

Gr8rcall (RadioReference) said...

Eden: C123 Site #15
Mayodan: C123 Site #17

Have both now rebanded.

pboy said...

Thanks Gr8rcall!

A lot to keep up with.