July 29, 2013

Budget Moves Not Popular

"Actually the helicopter move has already taken place. Spoke with a helo crew out of Salisbury a couple of weeks ago who told me that. They're also closing Williamston and Elizabethtown comms centers and consolidating those into Raleigh. Newton will be responsible for two troops. Raleigh will be responsible for three troops."

Thanks SD !
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Like to highlight any comments to a post since they can get overlooked.

Law officers active in NC and even retired ones from other states have expressed serious concern about closing NCSHP communications centers.

Controlling the state budget and taking advantage of VIPER technology are understandable.  However putting troopers and the public they serve at risk is unacceptable.

Time is of the essence in certain situations and dispatchers trying to pinpoint an unknown location would cost critical time. 

Not just the opinion of this here blog.  Those who know firsthand have sent along their feelings.

Correction Update:

"Greensboro Comm Center is closing, not E-town."

Thanks Anonymous!

"Sorry about the confusion on E-town instead of Greensboro. I read a news article that E-town was being considered for the shutdown a few months ago and hadn't been informed any differently. Again, my apologies."

No problem SD..

July 25, 2013

The Good And The Bad

Proposed state budget calls for the closing of the Asheville and other comm centers.

          "Asheville Likely To Lose Highway Patrol Assets"

Scuttlebutt is afloat suggesting a possible shrink down to just two.  East and west.  Maybe just one.

The new budget also provides for the hiring of 13 new Viper ops and maintenance personal.

July 23, 2013

New VIPER Newsletter Released

The 2013 2nd quarter edition of the VIPER Newsletter is available.

July 22, 2013

More On Barrett

Regarding the previous post about Catawba County being denied access to the Barrett Mtn. site. The following comment was submitted to this blog:

“This was done at the request of county officals to assist in steering the system load to less used sites (Riverbend). The state VIPER techs were quick to assist in making these changes all in an effort to better the system for all users.”

A very informative source with Catawba County wasn't aware of any county requests being made.
However, there was a major issue with busies. It was determined that Catawba County's radios were heavily loading the site.

Seems Barrett has quite a broad footprint into the northern half of the county as well as into surrounding counties. Hilltop locations in the western part of VIPER really do get out.

Through the "magic" of zone control the problem is solved and everyone is now happy.  No coverage lost either. Imagine the upcoming Love Valley site in Iredell County will be a big help too.

Appreciate folks in the know passing these things along!

July 14, 2013

Grin And Barrett

Catawba County public safety radios are no longer granted affiliation with the Barrett Mtn. site in Alexander County.

Been informed that there were too many busies. Slamming the door on Catawba's VIPER users solved the problem.

July 02, 2013

New Construction

Got word the towers are going up for Roxboro in Person County and Potato Knob in Swain County.

Been quite a while since any new build activity has been reportable!