July 22, 2013

More On Barrett

Regarding the previous post about Catawba County being denied access to the Barrett Mtn. site. The following comment was submitted to this blog:

“This was done at the request of county officals to assist in steering the system load to less used sites (Riverbend). The state VIPER techs were quick to assist in making these changes all in an effort to better the system for all users.”

A very informative source with Catawba County wasn't aware of any county requests being made.
However, there was a major issue with busies. It was determined that Catawba County's radios were heavily loading the site.

Seems Barrett has quite a broad footprint into the northern half of the county as well as into surrounding counties. Hilltop locations in the western part of VIPER really do get out.

Through the "magic" of zone control the problem is solved and everyone is now happy.  No coverage lost either. Imagine the upcoming Love Valley site in Iredell County will be a big help too.

Appreciate folks in the know passing these things along!

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