August 05, 2013

Current Chatter

Budget shortfall is a common concern amongst inside sources. Heck, the latest VIPER newsletter even uses capital letters when it reports 27 sites UNFUNDED.

Could possibly take another three years to finish the project because of federal funding requirements. FCC time frames for site completion deadlines are hard to meet.

The now completed push to reband western sites was to beat old man winter.


Anonymous said...

I hate what the state is doing for the telcomm centers getting shut down. Not trying to say anything bad but has the VIPER guys who run the system looked at other P25 solutions other than just Motorola. There are other companies out there that have P25 systems that are compatible with the 800 MHz P25 system that is upcoming. Might be interesting to look into and save the state millions of dollars that could be used for other things. Like keeping telecomm centers open!

Anonymous said...

It's not FCC deadlines, it' s DHS deadlines/ requirements that cause problems.