VIPER Overview

  • VIPER: "Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders"

  • The 800 MHz initiative addresses the badly needed replacement of outdated communication equipment currently in use by state police.

  • The state legislature mandated that emergency responder interoperability for all of North Carolina be built into the new radio system.

  • A purchase of the Motorola 800 MHz trunked radio system in Raleigh used during the 1999 Special Olympics became the foundation of a statewide build out.

  • An urgent demand for reliable, regional communications during hurricane season spurred the first construction phase down the I-40 corridor to Wilmington.

  • The design infrastructure consists of Motorola SmartZone 4.1 mixed-mode, 4 zone OmniLink architecture, requiring 240 sites. It will transition to all digital 9600 baud P25.

  • The project carries a $189M price tag spread over 5 phases ending in 2010.

  • The NC State Highway Patrol is the oversight agency.